Top 10 Scary Russian Myths
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Now I don’t know a lot about Russians but I never took them for the type people to believe in myths. They seem so stubborn and logical, like the only things they believe in are concrete and solidarity. But there are some crazy rumors that have come out of the frozen European powerhouse. They range from you classic urban legend murderer to crazy old mythology about dragons and junk. And I put them all together for you today on this list of top 10 scary Russian myths.

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  1. I actually lived in Russia and never knew these and am leaving soon soooo……. goodbye messed up legends 🙂

  2. If ur a TRUE Stranger Things fan u know that Smirnoff is what Jim Hopper called Alexie soooo coment if u remember like if u dont

  3. I just seen the live action of lion king. I cried a lot just coz I watched it religiously as a kid all 4 of the movies. I know all the words.
    Just the start had me in tears

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