Top 10 Scary Robots We Should Never Build
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Now lets be real sooner or later we are going to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, robots and giving consciousness to machines and we will be the end of us. Like we will cause it. We want to achieve it so bad and they will wipe us out I truly believe that. Its so funny to the point if you google what robots you shouldn’t build every search result is how to build a simple robot, 5 easy ways to make robots, how to build your own robot. Its ridiculous. So here in all honesty is the top 10 Robots We Should Never Build.

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    • If we do create sentient robots, even though they are machines, sentient means sentient. In other words, they should be treated as well as humans not only to prevent the robots from overthrowing humanity, but because it’s the right thing to do. I also believe that animals deserve to be treated as well as us, and i hope someday all of humankind will realize that. If we create self aware machines and treat them like slaves, we are ASKING to be overthrown because no sentient being would be ok with such conditions. We have to think before we act, and before we change the world. If we don’t, we may not like the changes we get.

  1. hope you keep trolling these haters with the “what’s gucci” They cringe when you say it, I cringe when I read their comments haha.

  2. I’m kind of let down that cybermen from Doctor Who not the Geth from mass effect made it on the list

  3. In the comics the android machine man elongated his arm and reached down his throat and mucked up his reactor power core.

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