Top 10 Scary Reflections Caught In Mirrors
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The creepy face in the mirror. And unlike the other two, this one actually happens in real life. So I’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Scary Reflections Caught in Mirrors. As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell. Also stick around for the top 3 because we’ve got some that are so freaky. And without waiting any longer lets get into it.

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  1. Number 2 has a move about it. Itis called paranornmal 2 and there are more of thim.. because I wached all of them when i was 11 years old there are 6 moves of it………

    PS the threed move. I got scerd 🙁

  2. “…focused on which Batman shirt I’m gonna wear”
    *puts on Superman shirt*
    “Close enough…”

  3. *only filipino’s can understand this.*
    “4:07 she got 2 faces”
    Me: karamia is that you?? ?

  4. I have seen my other self if I were evil I even drew it and it fked my dad up he wanted to leave me ??? when I walked home I would have 4 shadows. When I slept I would shift dimensions but I believe in God soo it makes it weirder

  5. 7:28 that picture of ghost girl is from a movie. Now I don’t remember from which but it’s definitely from a movie

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