Top 10 Scary Purge Theories
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Okay i must admit the idea behind a purge is very interesting. Although i don’t know if it actually does what its intended to do. Lower crime rates throughout the year just so everything can unleash their inner savage and demon on the one day. I feel like crime would still happen regardless. And the only thing its really done is increase the amount of Halloween costumes available to us. But the basis is cool. Messed up but cool. And i could say the same thing about the movies theories so lets just do it. This is the top 10 Scary Purge Theories.

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    Ur right, you should check out Dead Meats video on The First Purge, or any of the purge movies. He has every single kill in the purge series

  2. Me and my friends like to joke that if the purge was passed everyone would probably go after Donald Trump and then it would calm down and go back to normal

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