Top 10 Scary Pictures You Can Hear
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Today’s videos a bit of a fun one despite the title, now for all you avid memers out there the new thing going around on twitter and Instagram is hearing a picture that has no sound. The meme will be like the those two strong magnets that come together and you just know what that coming together sounds like its like etched into your brain. Another is like a gif of those springy door stoppers being flicked. And automatically im thinking of the annoying sound that makes and this is recent for me because my cat likes to flick mine all the time. I know those weren’t the funniest examples of the meme but you gets get the gist so, welcome to Top 10 Scary Pictures You Can Hear.

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  1. I’m surprised the Fran drescher laugh was not on this list. Other are the imperial march whenever you see a picture of Vader (and if I am being honest that blast of sound when the Star Wars icon comes up), the dial up tone from the old instant messenger (yes kids where was a time where you would have to wait to get on the internet, and that chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials.

  2. When in was I little my dad have an old tv from his school and after so long with a tv show on the tv goes to static. One time I was watching a children program on PBS for kids I fell asleep in the middle of an espisod the program and wake up to the static on full blosd to my little child hears and I was in deep sleep before I get jumped scared my dad’s old curse tv. Every to theis day I can’t explain why it happen other then I hate the old tv from my dad’s old school he used to teach at as a 2rd and 3rd grade math and scienc teacher. Plus this is a true story.

  3. When I saw the jaws picture
    Nostalgia hit me
    Then the shark will kill you

  4. I still get to hear the static…..but only when the auxiliary settings on the tv have been left on the vcr….lol

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