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Top 10 Scary Pictures Taken In The Deep Sea
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Now i will never go scuba diving, i will never go on a cruise, and id rather die in a land plane crash than a water one with more chance of survival. This is how scared i am of sharks even though yes i know they don’t attack unless provoked, they think we’re seals blah blah save me the bs guys I’ve done all my research. It’s just a phobia thats embedded within me. And we’re gonna leave it at that. And I’m a good swimmer its not even that i’m bad, I just refuse to interact with the deep sea, or a pool at night..or during the day..unless I’m supervised. So with my irrational fear in mind, here are the Top 10 Scary Pictures Taken In The Deep Sea. also before we get into it, there are quite a few creatures on this list, and I personally think they are fairly ugly and scary but that is only my opinion, i know they obviously have no control over how they look they’re just creepy.

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  1. I Came Face to face with a shark on holiday at shar Mel shiek in Egypt, It swam off so I grabbed My friend and got out the water, we went back to the hotel and turned on the TV and the beach had been closed off as a person had been bitten, im so happy it wasn’t me, and I too this day haven’t gone in the water again so I share this phobia.

  2. The Most Amazing hosts are all the best, but I do have to single out my absolute favorite 2 Ayman and Rebecca. The most Gorgeous 2 women on the planet much love ladies

  3. I like your movies and have subscribed ever since you started, but you repeat your video every now and then. There are not so many fascinating 10 things I don’t know anymore

  4. My brother and I have both been down eagles nest and it is just imperative that you stay aware of your surroundings. you should see some of the videos i have taken while diving enormous fish thought not to exist. we also spear fish and deep sea fish but we see the craziest things when we are diving in remote locales

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