Top 10 Scary Photos With CREEPY Backstories
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! What makes a picture creepy? Is it the items or characters in it, like in Reddit’s Cursed Images? Is it the state of the picture, like in a photo album where termites have gone wild? What about a strange appearance that wasn’t there when the photo was taken? How about All of the above and then some? Today we’re talking about not only pictures that are scary on their own, but also seemingly innocent pictures with creepy backstories that will have your jaw on the ground!

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Top 10 SCARY Pictures With CREEPY Backstories

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  1. These have made the rounds on YT more times than I can count. Running out of ideas, it would seem…. yawn..

  2. I could have sworn the first photo of those boys getting hit by lightning that one of them was killed if not both of them. Mandela anyone?

  3. As far as I know Annabelle the doll never haunted any children. A young nurse got her as a gift from her mother, through a medium a demon was allowed to enter the doll, which turned her world upside down on her, as well as attack roommate and boyfriend. They asked Lorraine and Ed Warren for help with their problem. The Warrens performed an exorcism and took the doll home with them for safe keeping. This was in the book ‘the demonologist’ written by Gerald Brittle, which is the story of Ed and Lorraine’s most compelling cases

  4. Third one is actually really easy to explain. The little girl is double jointed. Toddlers often have incredible flexibility compaired to adults. It’s very likely the little girl’s other arm back behind her wrapping around. The hand is the same size.

    • I’m double jointed
      The palm in picture is wrong way or opposing for that explanation- my thumb is on bottom so still not her other hand~ someone said it has been proven as photoshop

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