Top 10 Scary Photos That Have To Be Photoshopped – Part 2
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Most of the time Photoshop is used by instagram models to make us all want to like their bum pictures or by people on reddit trying to distort an image to make a creepypasta more believable, personally Im a bigger fan of the bum pictures, I think they are far more artistic. I should hire one of these bum picture models to photoshop some pics of me for my tinder so I can finally start to get some matches. I think people would like my face more if it was a girls bum.

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  1. In the shared bath picture, was the face in the window a reflection of the photographer?  Kinda looked like there was a camera.  Perhaps if you showed it longer I could be sure.  You could have showed the girls longer too, but for different reasons.

  2. 😏.. You said you think people would like your face better if it was a girls butt… 🤭😅🤣👏👏

  3. Can you please slow down and please stop shouting on this video I’m not haveing fun turn down the volume on my headphones it’s good for my ears or anyone ears at all

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