Top 10 Scary People Only Seen In Dreams
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We dream about many things. Sometimes we dream about people we love and care for. However, what you are about to see, are some of the most scariest things that people have dreamed about. These are the Top 10 Scary People Only Seen in Dreams.
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  1. I recently had a dream of my computer being possessed by some sort of demon. It started out as normal, I was using my tv in my dream at first and then I ended up in my room. The computer turned itself on and all I could hear is ‘I’m real’. And ‘do you believe now?’. I couldn’t wake up but the more I kept looking at the computer the more it changed. There was an alchemy circle in a burning orange color with hues of red. It started to open and what it looked like was a portal, Golden and blazing… it just felt so weird and I ended up waking up once the portal got closer to me. My computer was floating as well.

  2. It’s 4am and I really need to pee, but I’m too scared to leave my bed. I’m just gonna wait for everyone to wake up

  3. Well it a good thing I don’t have dreams I black out every night from exhaustion can’t dream if your too tried to even think right

  4. Dummies, I never open my eyes immediately when I wake up. I don’t need visual hallucinations when I get sleep paralysis.

  5. Ayman, you’re the best! I always enjoy your Top 10! So when I was seven, my grandparents had moved into a new house. My first visit was normal, but I began having vivid nightmares every visit after that. The worst was when I was asleep in my room with the door closed, and there were six monsters chasing me in a dream. I swear, I woke up, and the six monsters were surrounding my bed and pointing at me while laughing as if taunting me. I screamed, and my grandmother came running in, and once she flipped on the lights, they disappeared. As we talked, I realized that I was no longer dreaming for sure. Unless I was hallucinating, I’ve no idea how they got out of my dream and into my reality. It still creeps me nearly three decades later…

  6. Why is it everytime you tell someone in you’re dream that they’re not real or that they’re in a dream they turn like mannequins? Just unresponsive and pretty damn creepy.

  7. *talks about spiders*
    Me: *goes into Markiplier defense mode with middle fingers to keep spiders at bay* NOPE!
    I always hate it when I see spiders in my dreams.

  8. whenever i have a scary dream i am either aware that it is a dream or get so scared i instantly wake up

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