Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At 3 AM
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Three AM, doctors say the body’s at low tide then. The soul is out. The blood moves slow. You’re the nearest to deceased you’ll ever be save from dying. Sleep is a patch of the afterlife, but three in the morn, full wide eyed staring is living beyond. And wasn’t it true, he had read somewhere more people die in hospitals than at any other time. – Yep, I am starting off this list with a scary 3 am quote from Ray Bradbury from Something Wicked This Way Comes …. and something wicked is coming your way at number 10.

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  1. When I was a kid maybe 4 I was sleeping in my bed suddenly I woke up because I had felt something weird idk what it was but I felt this weird presence it felt hot and dark anyways I can’t explain exactly what I felt but it definitely wasn’t right as I opened eyes I saw it this weird figure a little bit away from my bed it had what I would describe as a football shaped head kinda like Stewie Griffin off of family Guy was a dark figure kinda gray but more on the black side had red glowing eyes and I mean large oval shape eyes I could see the wrinkles in it’s face and it’s nose was basically non existent and it’s mouth was long as I looked down further I could see it’s neck it was wrinkley like it’s face but also kinda really short as I looked further down I started to see it’s body the arms and shoulders looked thin and emasiated to the point I could see where the bones where and it’s chest I could see it’s rib cage and it had really really short legs I’m only 5 foot and a half an inch and it’s les where the size of my thigh but then I noticed it it’s arms as it was standing straight up could touch the floor and I saw the valosaraptor like claws then as I put the covers over my head I could still see it’s eyes and it was a very thick blanket and then it started moving to see if it was leaving I looked for a moment it was kinda slowly gagering twards me I put the blanket over my head next thing I knew is that it was right over me it trying to take the blanket off of my head and I resisted it had scratched me on my nose and I started yelling go away I yelled that 6 times and after it had left I ran out of my room to find my mom I looked at the clock it was 3:30 my mom didn’t believe me until recently about it she only believes me now because I’m now 19 and still explain it exactly as I did that day and the fact that I am still afraid of it still terrified to go anywhere near those apartments shes finally excepting I saw it everything that I have said is true

  2. Many times I have woken up at 3am after having nightmares..I don’t know if it’s a co-incidence!!

  3. Idk if moe is real cause one of his friends aldo I think is one of those don’t call *insert something at 3 am so

  4. I tried an all nighter with my brother in the living room but didn’t actually do it because I was really tired and wanted to sleep right away… Couple hours later in the middle of the night, 3 a.m but close to 4 I heard the weirdest noise I have heard! I told my brother what I heard and I think it was paranormal and unexplainable due to it was the first time hearing it. Me and my family don’t believe in or don’t have any paranormal activity so that is why this is unexplainable for me but maybe someone knows what it is.

    The noise started around at 3 but close to 4, can’t recall when it started. I lifted my head up to see if anything or anyone was in the kitchen but it stopped when I did, then when I placed my head back down it came again a second later. I don’t know if it was a bird flapping it’s wings, and if it was it never left the spot where it was, it sounded like it was inside my house, in my kitchen. Everyone was asleep, even my dog who sleeps in my room so there was doubt that he would be up that late making that noise.. Though I had my door open and I heard him wake up and shake stuff off of his fur, but I never heard him leave my room. When it continued I was frozen on the couch I was sleeping on with my brother in the living room (He had his bed on the floor, NOTHING DIRTY OKAY!! 😒). I tried not to wake my brother up by grabbing my phone and turning on the flash light to see if anything would show but there was nothing that I could see, we always keep the doors locked at night 24/7 so there was no way someone could get in, and I didn’t hear anything human like or anything breaking, if I did then I would’ve alerted my dad right away. A couple minutes later I eventually urged myself to move and go closer to the kitchen but still saw nothing, and decided to head to the bathroom…. That noise I heard was strange in my book, not sure if it is to others but again, that was the first time I heard anything like that.

    Now, thinking back to it, it sounded like I was going crazy or hearing things that were never made, I mean I hear things that sound creepy or that someone is in my house, but that’s just because my house is old. But that one noise got me thinking, since I’m quiet and a light sleeper I heard the most random noise that a bird could’ve made and I wouldn’t have even known that it was nothing.

  5. I didn’t even realise it was 3am as I watched this video until I got a message from a friend and saw the clock…. (There’s also a thunderstorm that started halfway through the video….)

  6. A weak ago, I stayed up until 3Am and my Xbox turned on and i was the only one in my room… 😮😮😮😮

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