Top 10 Scary North American Urban Legends
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There are many places across North America that have their own scary urban legends. From mutant creatures who lurk in the woods, to bloodthirsty monsters, we are about to explore some of the scariest Urban Legends from this continent.

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  1. 5:18 there i passed it on to more then 10 people plzz dont come and kill me clown

  2. shhh…. Landon. relax. calm down. lol. I’m not hating on ya. just looking out for ya. <3

  3. Says clown with knife if I don’t do something

    Me: bet I got my shotgun , Ak47 ,and Vodka

  4. Me: *your not in America, your not in America, your not america, your not in America*

    Also me: -Gets scared
    that there is a monster
    under the bed-

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