Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Kid Episodes With Hidden Meanings – Part 2
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Kids shows are there to have a jovial tone so all the young people on this planet can ignore their homework and turn into a vegetable on the couch for a few hours. Usually they are exactly as they seem but every now and again they sneak something by your unsuspecting child eyes and you end up sucking in some dark undertones without even knowing it. Well you all love me digging out these hidden messages because the last video blew up and now im making Top 10 scary nickelodeon kid episodes with hidden meanings part two.

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  1. First of all bruh 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 u saying the Pokémon names wrong and it’s really bothering me. Second I’ve seen that episode lol and it was really sad.

  2. Do you guys remember the hand-slinging-slasher ( idk if that’s how it goes) but the guy at the that was playing around with the lights. Yea,

    He scarred for *life*

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