Top 10 Scary Native American Urban Legends – Part 2
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Hello and welcome to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate – you loved part one so part two is ON…this is the Top 10 Scary Native Urban Legends PART 2! I love these Urban legends videos as I feel like I am learning some really good cultural history! Do you guys like history to? If so what is your favorite period of history you have learned about? I love ancient cultures like Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, but I also love Europe 1910 – 1945. It was all kicking off wasn’t it! Let’s have a history chat in the comments section down below –

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  1. Can you do Part 3 Native American Urban Legends video and include things like the Piasa Bird? I live in Southern Illinois and the legend of the Piasa Bird is known to all who know of it!

    Would you also consider owls to also harbingers of death? My mum actually came across a snow-white owl one night that looked at her for the longest time, then simply flew away; next day, she gets a call that my great-uncle Roger died suddenly.

    Also, I’m 1/64th Iroquois (not enough to get a scholarship) and I’ve actually eaten dinner with a full-blooded Ojibwe man (BTW, Christie cookies are the best)

  2. I love how some of these were in my home state of Maine and the surround areas. Apparently my family has cherokee roots and ive been interested personally about these things so it was interesting to learn about cherokee beliefs. Thanks Rebecca!

  3. Ok so @MostAmazingTop10 I always look forward to your videos always learning something but your Hosts all make their videos with passion and style keep teaching me guys glad I started watching this channel ive seen almost every video

  4. Something the grandfather of a friend of mine, Cree descendant, once told me was that, as far as the legends of the various tribes and peoples across North America go, they generally correspond with something that was actually seen or experienced.

  5. I love Greek history, I love seeing the art and hearing about the gods (I also love Percy Jackson)

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