Top 10 Scary Mysterious Books With No Author
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I am a huge bookworm and proud honestly ive always loved reading i even got the most books read award in primary school knowing one day id be able to flex that fact and stunt all on des hoes. Thats what im doing right now. But books aside, if you like an author youll probably like most books they write. I’m pretty sure ive read every Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson book ever written, even when I read The Fault in Our Stars i loved it so much I read like 5 John Green books after that. But what if there is no notable author in the equation? These are the top 10 Scary Mysterious Books With No Author

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  1. I have odd story I

    When I was a little kid I would play near the woods in my old house and sometimes my brother would say “one day we should go in the woods ” so like he said we went in the woods. We found an old tree house my brother and his friend made me go in because how they were a bit bigger and I was smaller. I had my phone with me and I took some pictures that looked really wird. I saw a knife under a little towel. But I’m older now I now I think we had did something rilly wrong because after I saw blood I screamed. And after that we had enough . And went back home. Around this time I was 10 and that scared me but a day later we were outside again but my brother and his friend went inside and i was left alone I heard something…. i heard the most scary thing i would ever see I saw a large figer with a baby in its hands……..but…………..the baby was dead it had been stabbed….. to death……….. this is a story shared by cami_gaming.

  2. I read go Ask Alice when it was first published; I believe that is the reason I never really experimented with Heroin in the late 80’s. Very good book. I may go find my old copy and read it again. 🙂

  3. Go ask Alice has to be one of my FAVORITE books EVER.. when I was in 7th grade(2years ago) my reading teacher gave it to me after I read
    It because of how much I loved the book.. when I was in 7th grade I went to a mental hospital for a suicide attempt and I brought the book with me and if I’m completely honest that book got me through that time if you are fascinated by mental disorders like me I think y’all would love go ask alice

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