Top 10 Scary Mutant Animals Created By Science
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A lot of people say nature should be left alone – they think humans can only cause problems when we meddle in the natural order of things. Do you agree? How do you feel then about science doing exactly the opposite? Most of the time, its part of research to better understand how genes work so that we can make human lives better and maybe even cure diseases.

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  1. If we killed and an end on some animals then yes we do have the right to kill mosquitos,but then again what would be the effect??

  2. if mosquitos are genetically engineered to kill or go after horse flies, and horse flies are genetically engineered to go after wasps, and then spiders are genetically engineered to eat wasps then all would be good

  3. **wakes up** welp better look in the mirror and cri cri at my ugliness… **looks in mirror and is glowing** oh crap I have cancer

  4. What the people resisting science doing this usually don’t understand is, that the more we know about our surroundings, the more we can avoid harming it. And at this point, since global warming effects are taking place and believed to be irreversible, many species will eventually either die or become stronger.

    The key would be to make the environment hospitable for human life and to preserve other life forms on this planet. And that means that we can choose to get rid of certain extremely hostile life forms that affect us if we so desire. Mosquitoes do not have human rights. They don’t feel pain like we do, they are on the level of intellect that they’re not self-aware by any means and no one will miss them. They don’t really have a place in the natural cycle on a large scale and that minor scale can be replaced by planting other species.

    Eventually everything on this planet will die. At least at the point our sun goes into a supernova, or some smaller star that’s near enough and causes a black hole. Most likely the planet will be long gone before it and most likely we humans will be long gone before the planet is destroyed, at least at this rate when some people are arguing about the human rights of bugs and other people a pyramid scheme of an economy and politics based on make-believe and getting insulted about rational arguments. Money is invested on producing useless crap that ends up destroying our species more and more.

    If studying things is horrifying to you, you should also abolish economists, lawyers, psychologists, doctors and everything else you rely on in the society. Science is the greatest thing humans have come up with, but science doesn’t go anywhere if it doesn’t study and agree on the concept that we’re the only species on this planet that understand it.

    I would not mourn the genocide of mosquitoes any more than I do all the animals that are dying out of natural causes right now. Or getting hunted and eaten by other animals. Or that die by accident. I find it utterly silly that some people find the subject problematic.

  5. My sisters gold fish has gone see through!!! Straight up ,on my eyes! It was orange when she first got it then white patches as it grew n now its like that one in the picture!!!! Don’t think hers will live 20yrs tho,she had it about 5yrs now,long time for a carnival prize fish! ?

  6. I wonder the implications of extermination of an entire species. How will this impact the hierarchy of the food chain.

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