Top 10 Scary Moon Landing Theories
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In our history books it is written that back in 1969 Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two people on the moon that being Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong beat out over 7 billion dollars to become known as the first man on the moon, he even beat out Buzz Aldrin who actually had a chance of becoming the first man on the moon. I have become fascinated with the moon landing and conspiracy theories that surround it. I’ve read Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s book and I’ve read so much about Michael Collin as well. Even with all the proof and the men who went to the moon there are so many conspiracy theories that surround the moon landing.

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  1. I think we havent gone back to the moon because…….. THE MOON ISNT THAT INTERESTING!! LOL

  2. Your pronunciations are scary Landon, Apollo like the Greek god, not pollo, like chicken in French. And Kubrick is pronounced Qbrick.

    And what the hell is with allllll the ads?? C’mon guys!

  3. Did Landon say that Naza doesn’t have the Fuel from 1961 well how are they going to Mars

  4. Of course it was filed in the desert, by Martin Scorsese…but he was such a perfectionist, he insisted on filming it on location.

  5. They had to fake it because of the alien base on the moon.
    Couldn’t show pictures of et craft and bases

  6. If you slow the video down you can clearly see that right before the capsule drift off into space does a tiny explosion that separates the capsule from the main module that’s any explosion due to the fact that there’s barely any gravity on the moon is enough to propel it upwards

  7. Ive heard that ppl who were hacking into the real moon landing and there were lots of buildings and a row of space craft lined up waiting for him. I heard the astronauts said it was unspeakably scary so they had to make a new faked one or they edited everything out that was really there. Idk its all frikin nuts no matter how u put it.

  8. So I live in the country and can’t even get WiFi, but the president was able to make a phone call to the moon back then? Hmmmm…..

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