Top 10 Scary Mexican Myths
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HELLO and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am you humble-ish host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and we are coco loco as we delve deep into the Top 10 Scary Mexican Myths. I want to play true or false with you throughout this video, so if you want to write a little round up in the comments of ten through to 1 of what you think is true and what you think is false then I would be pleased to hear it …..

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  1. El caco-to scare every kid watching this. The “boogieman” to scare people with pretty long hair who live in Mexico. The owl to kill children. I’ve been 5:00 minutes in this and it’s all directed towards children,WE GET THE HINT

  2. I’m mexican and I love this chanel, but the mispronunciation has me laughing. It’s fine tho

    I find that “la chancla” is the scariest

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