Top 10 Scary Messages From Beyond The Grave
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Receiving messages from the afterlife can be hard to believe. All of these stories are from people who claim to have received messages from beyond the grave which gives me some pretty creepy vibes. I mean, if these stories are true, then maybe we have a possibility of communicating with the deceased. But if we did have this ability, should we really be communicating with the deceased? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. I have a friend whose aunt died in a car accident now every time he sleep his aunt who died he didn’t know and telling him warning’s and I have the same stuff happening

  2. I got a scary voicmail about Carmen Winstead

    Not to be offensive to the ghost but…… _ew u said u died in a pile of poop and dirt_

  3. my mother told me when I was two my grandmother died and days later that I said there’s grandma.

  4. This isn’t a message from the dead story just a sad story I heard and I mean no disrespect to the victims or their family’s my dad worked with one of the victims mom….i worked at a grocery store up near Virginia tech after the shooting and one of my co-workers was a first responder and he told me it was so scary and sad when he went into one of the classrooms and all the cell phones ringing from parents and loved ones calling to see if they were ok and him knowing he couldn’t answer to tell them the sad news that their loved one had passed and know the person calling would never speak to them again

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