Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Famous Songs – Part 2
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Hello! Welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I am back singing…embarrassing myself… bringing you the spooks – we’ve been doing this for years… you know the drill by now! SO you guys loveeeeed our recent video – the Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind popular songs – before we get into it … last time I asked you what your favourite songs are and so many of you poured out answers … This time… why don’t you tell me your least favorite – the real earworms. I never could stand Crazy Frog… if we could call that a song?!

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  1. if you want a good song try listening to Franco’s Better Days specially if your going to the beach..just sayin

  2. Least favourite song has to be gummy bear song and my favourite has to be history makers

  3. Ok not in Nottingham pumped up kicks how about Rise above this least it’s a small world after all

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