Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened
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Welcome back everyone. In today’s video were gonna be taking a peek at some locked doors around the world that people have been forbidden from opening. Sometimes its to protect whats inside from you, sometimes its to protect you from whats inside – and sometimes we have no idea what lies beyond that door. I don’t have the answers – but I can tell you almost everything else about them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened …

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  1. I remember where I was and what I was doing when the Chernobyl nuclear tower blew up, it was so scary, that moment is forever burned in my brain. It is amazing to me that plants and wildlife are flourishing there, I am so curious to know what the exact effects living among all that radiation is having on them….will we see mutated plants and animals in the future. Interesting fact about Area 51…my Grandfather and his brothers owned 2,000,000 acres which included where Area 51 is now. In the early 1950’s the government came in and made them sell their land for $0.25 cents per acre. The government allowed my Grandfather to continue to herd their cattle on certain areas. My Grandfather remembers seeing mushroom clouds all the time, the government never told my Grandfather and his brothers what they were doing or the danger they were in. My Grandfather and his brothers all died from cancer in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s

  2. Danny Danny Danny you of all people should know that if a deadly room is not sealed some idiot is gonna go in and die in a very gruesome way.

  3. Area 51 holds the use of the new superweapon the “railgun” first from fake storys to a very long gun capable of destroying any base a human could make. No one except class 5 and over military can experience the railgun first-hand cause how lethal the gun is the gun isn’t allowed to be used.

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