Top 10 Scary Jobs Somebody HAS To Do
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A job is something a person probably spends a lot of their time doing – they can be fun, they can be boring, they can be active, they can be passive – they can be a million different things because there’s a million different jobs – one thing you don’t often hear about though, is creepy jobs, jobs that would give most people nightmares – someone has to do them though. You might not hear about them – but they’re being done under the surface of society – today were going to bring them into the light – lets see if you can stomach them. My name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Scary Jobs Someone HAS To Do.

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  1. Those who study the decomposition of human bodies through the use of blowflies usually do so in a body farm. Which is a place where they put dead bodies in different environments, such as out in the sun, under trees, in a building, a few feet under the ground, several feet under the ground, in a car and so on. This can tell them a lot about time of death and the stages of decomposition. I have a bachelor’s in criminal justice. We studied about this, and it is really fascinating

  2. The one on the list that scared me the most was the broadcast tower climber. Gave me vertigo just looking at the clip.

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