Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned
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Now personally i am a hoarder i barely ever get rid of anything, even on my phone i have all my pictures and albums from high school still and I’m like but what if i wanna look back on it. I cant just delete things. Even at home I’ll keep things for sentimental reasons only when I’m about to throw them and the rest of the time i literally don’t even think about these things. And it’s like why are you like this Ayman? Why? Either way the things on this list were definitely left behind and i don’t know if you’ll think that’s a good or bad thing after you hear it. These are the Top 10 Scary Items People Abandoned.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry this is a reupload. The first video uploaded in the wrong format. We wanted to make sure you guys got to see this video!

  2. We found a secret room in the attic of my childhood home (it was once a doctors office and is now a historical site). In the room we found a clay flower-pot, a coat-hanger and something else (cant remeber sorry) the room was big and even had a window

  3. One day my mum was repainting the dining room and she found a SD card just randomly on the windowsill. We’ve lived in this house for more than 3 years and just now noticed it. We went through it and found a lot of wedding photos from 2008 of some random people. We knew them though so everything was kinda sorted out. But imagine if there was something worse on it. Imagine if we didn’t even know the people.

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