Top 10 Scary Human Depopulation Theories

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! There are currently more than 7.5 billion people crammed onto planet Earth, and this number is increasing at an alarming rate. By 2030, there will be 8.6 billion of us, and by the turn of the next century, the population will stand at 11.2 billion. Our planet is already showing signs of struggling to keep up with human expansion, so the question is, what can we do about it, if anything? Scientists and governments are working hard to combat overpopulation, but if you scroll through the internet you’ll find that there are plenty of people with their own horrifying solutions. Which brings us to the top ten scariest human depopulation theories.

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    • Empowering women is the best way to stop the overpopulation crisis when women as you explained get their education finished and their careers settled then they are able to have husbands and children and not deal with financial issues like these younger women are in these destitute Nations.

    • The world is not overpopulated you nutjobs it is actually underdeveloped. .. It is not cultivated properly .by the structure .and the layout. humans and animals dwellings. . Everything should be observe from a higher viewpoint. Overhead just building housing all smashed together and destroying wildlife space is all wrong. Killing people is an bit overboard. Reconditioning is needed you twats. But killing off the trash and evil might be fun….

    • Voluntary sterilization in exchange for a monthly supplemental income and preferential social assistance for life.

    • @salemthecat I am in agreement with you on this. I hate how people cut down forests and woodland to build malls, parking lots, etc. Then, when wildlife starts interacting with humans due to their lack of habitat, hunting ground and have to keep moving in closer to residential areas, people complain and the animals get killed. It kills me that people think they are in the right when they are constantly intruding on their land, home and feeding places

  1. Agenda 21 anyone? Sounds like more than half of what he said is in progress just look at California. Also if you don’t believe me just remember to research before the truth is wiped from the internet.

  2. I’m all up for #1 that way I can spend all my money on myself, die young and happy, all while saving the planet

  3. China is growing so much they have poured more conctrete in the past 20 years than the USA in its entire country’s history its being said that the actual weight is shifting the tilt of the earth’s axis how fkd up is that. Fact!

  4. It’s interesting you added a spoiler to a film I expect to be have the spoiler alert when I’m watching a WatchMojo top 10 video

  5. It’s perfectly true that educating women reduces birth rates. All countries that do not like to send girls to school, marry them off as young as 10 years old and treat them in a class lower than the value of livestock. They always have large families and a problem with overpopulation. Also any countries that do not punish crimes against women and girls are showing excessive population surges. If all countries were to bring in tougher laws to protect women and girls from forced/arranged marriages, rape, trafficking and the sex trades there would be a massive decline in over population. China still has an ever growing problem where they now have too many men and not enough women. India and many Muslim countries are over populated with big families that are highly interbred. I’m confused why India especially has not outlawed continual arranged marriages to direct relatives within the same family over many generations. The amount of children being born with life changing defects is increasing at a phenomenal rate.🤷‍♀️

  6. There’s always the Brave New World scenario, wherein human children will be born and raised on a conveyor-belt system. If a World Government decided to oversee human birth and replace pregnancy with artificial insemination entirely then there would always be a stable population.

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