Top 10 Scary Hey Arnold Theories
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Every kid who grew up in the 90’s knows about the Nickelodeon show, Hey Arnold. It’s about a small boy with a weirdly shaped head who lives with his grandparents. The episodes focus on his experiences living in a big city and dealing with strange problems that he and his friends face. But what if I told you that Hey Arnold is actually a deep and depressing show that is focused around substance abuse, suicide and passing away? Don’t believe me? Well I dare you to watch this video to the end, because trust me, a little piece of your childhood will be ruined and you can’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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  1. The pigeon man theory is actually confirmed to be false, they interviewed the people behind Hey Arnold and he was just a friendly guy that was misunderstood and flew away with his birds to move and be free, he was not a serial killer and he was not suicidal, they were actually annoyed that people just make up any theory to always make something over a simple thing

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