Top 10 Scary Haunted Bridges
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It seems like everything can be haunted. There’s the obvious ones like dolls or rooms – but even bridges have gained reputations for their links to the paranormal. Would you dare cross any of these? Lets find out as we get into our list of the Top 10 Scary Haunted Bridges.

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  1. Suicide Bridge in Pasadena California is supposedly haunted by people who have jumped off it through the years.

  2. Dude, I actually live less than twenty minutes away from the Goat Man Bridge! I went there once with my grandma and her little dog. Duke, the poor pupper, growled loudly as we walked down a trail in the woods next to the bridge. He usually didn’t make any fuss over anything. (Duke is dead now.) But, as he growled, my grandma and I both felt a noticable chill in the air. Keep in mind, that was a late summer/early fall evening in Texas. It’s still hot as hell during that time. As soon as the chill passed us, Duke stopped growling and settled down. I swear, it left us in goosebumps! I remember looking back at the bridge after we had crossed it to return to the car and seeing a floating orange orb at the other end of the bridge. It DEFINITELY hadn’t been there when we had crossed the bridge, and the sun was still out high enough that people had yet to turn their headlights on….

    • Hell, to add on to this, my mom used to go down to the bridge when she was younger, with some friends, at MIDNIGHT. Just to see the Goat Man! Yes, they had been drinking, but my mom was ALWAYS designated driver. She NEVER drank on those nights. She swears that she and her friends, several times, saw the old Goat Man hanging from the bridge and could even see his reflection in the water below… If that’s not creepy, I don’t know WHAT is.

  3. You know what’s the most scariest thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes

    My cousin drinking a big shield potion before his minis on fortnite

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