Top 10 Scary Hallways That Should Never Be Explored
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We can all relate to when we have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and going into the pitch black hallway to the bathroom suddenly becomes a hard situation. I swear stuff just moves differently when its dark, my eyes legit start making things up. Hallways are all well and good unless they’re clinical ones those are usually just freaky or if its an old building. Then its a hard no from me. Especially when your destination is like way way at the end and you’re like darn am i gonna get there alive? This is a 50 50 really.

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  1. What the heck. The old plantation restaurant is one of my husbands and my favorite restaurants. It’s located in medicine park just a short drive from Lawton, Ok and Fort Sill, OK. I had no idea it is supposedly haunted and was shocked to hear it on this list

  2. My school is brand new and I feel trapped every day bc of the barbed wire that surrounds the building that I spend 6-8 hours of my life each day in
    They placed barbed wire around the school to keep us “Safe”

  3. you guys talk about Satan and hell, meanwhile being Wicca, laughing and saying that I would go there.
    Also, Christians say that the pentagram is a sign of Satan (not saying it’s not for satanists) and really a sign of protection, and our HORNED god is just a code word for the devil.

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