Top 10 Scary Google Searches
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Hello everyone and welcome back to most amazing Top 10, I’m your host Che Durena. Now, you can find anything through google, me, you, your teachers, your parents. Literally, everything is on there. I mostly use it to google myself and try to find videos about me but today I went in search of the scariest possible google searches for today’s list of top 10 scary google searches. Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell! And without waiting any longer Let’s go

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  1. I lived in Pittsburgh and was home watching TV when bud dwyer shot himself. I watched it live.

  2. Cabin 28 was solved the dude who killed the family confessed to a physician and the police ignored it!

  3. The first video about the water bug. That’s not disgusting or creepy!!! That’s just a great mother protecting her kids!!!!

  4. Don’t search bomb instructions,the fbi will put a watchlist on u.

    Me:instantly does it.

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