Top 10 Scary Fortune-Telling Stories
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Okay I have always always wanted to go to a fortune teller, everytime I pass one on the street I’m always super tempted but I want someone to go with but all of my friends never wanna go. But anyway, looking into the crystal ball and seeing your future can either help you or deter you. Or it can make you super paranoid about every decision you make and how that’s going to affect the fate that’s been seen for you. Or it could go a fourth way, you could end up finding out something horrifying and literally not know what to do with yourself afterwards.

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    • Didn’t go to a psychic, but have read my own fortune (via Tarot) – summed up to struggling in the past and maybe doing decently long-term but with some definite costs involved.

      Struggling in the past – totally true for me. Costs involved, yep, I’ve gained epilepsy and have student loans. Doing decently long-term, I guess we’ll have to see.

  1. I have never went to a fortune teller before, but would like to one day. I am a little scared to hear what they have to say cuase everyone has secrets and Imma be wondering how the freaken hell do they know and see things.

  2. I read tarot and oracle cards <3 <3 Always been called to do so and sometimes hold free reading events on my blog. Most Psychics and Mediums hear and see using their abilities of clairaudience and clairvoyance. Everyone in the world has the ability to become psychic--it's a skill that, like an artist, comes with practice. Ayman you could totally become one yourself, it just takes discipline and dedication.

  3. Making the comment “whoever the hell that is” in regards to an old hollywood actress is a bit fucked up. Just saying. Not subbing to the Hindi channel.

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