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Top 10 Scary Florida Urban Legends
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The first place I ever went to in America was Florida – I loved it – the whole time I was there though, I had no idea how many creepy stories originate from Florida. All you Floridians watching this video – you’ve been hiding these stories and as for the rest of you, wait till you hear some of these – it might even make you think twice about booking that trip. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Florida Urban Legends.

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  2. Do 10 New England urban legends. I can lust some like The Putnam they’re which I’ve had personal experiences With, the Pawtucket clowns, camp Yagu and the Salem house

  3. i know people leave candy for robert at night so he will still in his enclosure and in the morning the candy is gone and the wrappers remain

  4. Do a part 2 but do an urban legend of St Louis MO.theres gotta be some creepiness I haven’t heard of.great video

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