Top 10 Scary Flintstone Theories
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The Flinstones was a classic animated cartoon beloved by many. This stone age family has managed to generate some pretty scary fan theories over the years. Find out what they are here on Most Amazing Top 10.

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  1. I think that the Jetsons and Flintstones living the same time because maybe the Jetsons live in China and Japan and The Flintstones live in America and we were bombed nuclear bomb

  2. Most Amazing Top 10 Sesame Street Theories
    My Theories:
    The Count = Drug Kingpin
    Oscar the Grouch = Homeless Vietnam Veteran with PTSD Who Lost Legs Due to IED

  3. Hey Che about #8 if it is the future dinosaurs are easily explained if you take into account are willingness to clone and recreate long extinct species which we were attempting at the time the flintstones was airing and even to this day… so you know Jurassic world.

  4. Please Che, stop saying “nucular” the word is pronounced just like it’s spelled “nu-clear”. Thanks

  5. If Bam-Bam is Fred’s son, then they would have make sure Pebble and him don’t fall in love and marry. Marrying your half-brother would be a no no.

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