Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Should NOT Ignore
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Welcome back everyone, have I ever been in any of your dreams? I know that’s a weird question to ask but today’s video is about dreams and nightmares so yeah, just thought Id ask. I mean, statistically – one of you has – Id love to hear it – but that’s not quite why were here today – in this video were gonna take a look at some of the scary things you dream and figure out what they mean – you wont wanna miss out on these lessons, they could change your whole life. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Dream Meanings You Shouldn’t Ignore.

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  1. You actually have been in my dreams Danny 😛 but it was a nightmare and you were a dead body my other fave youtubers were also dead bodies

  2. I’ve had a number of dreams where I’m just sitting in my room watching your videos. I can never tell what you’re saying, though

  3. Imma be honest i have alot of dreams to talk bout.

    Many of my dreams if i realize nim flying i end up falling and or flying closer to the ground and cant get higher.

    Ive head the myself dieing jn a dream before. It is definitely a wake up call or some emotional link your subconscious is telling you.

    The major one i had my hair or more my teeth falling out. It felt so real….. I was very anxious at the time when i had the dream

  4. Um I’m embarrassed but I’m here cause of that dream school video “Top 10 scariest japanese urban legends” to see if real… ?

  5. I been having dream that i have dead then wake up but not physically i wake up in my dream to my friends or family looking at and telling that i have died and then they tell me that they will miss me then vanish thats when i always waks up can anyone explain what it means

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