Top 10 Scary DeepFake Videos
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Welcome back everyone – today were looking at a topic that I find fascinating – deep fakes. The phrase is a combination of the word fake and the phrase deep learning – where artificial intelligence is used to create convincing images, videos or sounds that seem very – human – too human. Some people are excited about this new piece of cutting edge technology – can you imagine if you were able to convincingly make yourself look like anyone else in a video? What would that world be like? Well, some people are very concerned that it may not be as fun as it sounds – things could get very dark – and very creepy. To see where this is all going, we have to know where were at now – and you will do by the end of this video. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Deep Fake Videos …

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  1. Man this has to be the scariest video I’ve seen on the page to date and I’ve been watching A LOT like 3-4 a day. Guessing because it’s actually out there. Awesome one keep up the great works guys. 🙂

  2. LOL these AI are obsessed with Nicholas Cage…He’ll probably be the first one to become transhuman.

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