Top 10 Scary Deep Sea Diving Stories
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary Deep Sea Diving Stories. The ocean is a scary place – indeed we wee humans have only explored around 5% of it! What else is lurking down there, I dread to think! Before we get into this video, let me know your thoughts on boats and diving! I love boats and sea life, but I am not on board, or off board…with diving because of the deep pressure… I don’t like chest tightness! Let me know if you have been diving !

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  1. Number 1 Loch Ness monsters cousin or maybe cthulu yelling cause he stepped on a sea urchin the oceans version of a Lego.

  2. MostAmazingTop10 team. If you are going to play special audio clips, can you temporarily cut the creepy background music so your viewers can clearly hear the audio clip? Thank you, and well done on another neat video Rebecca.

  3. My moms friend went diving once with a diving instructor and then when my mom friend and the instructor were deep in the water they saw fish that were pretty close but the instructor told my moms friend that they were great white sharks and the instructor wanted to check them out but my moms friend said no and they got out of there.

  4. Maybe the shark just thought that the human was trapped in the cage & was trying to help. Why do we always gotta be jumping to conclusions with giant testifying predators? Great video, love a part 2, & maybe a Jerusalem urban legends video?

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