Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Cryptozoology is described as a pseudoscience responsible for categorizing and researching animals and plants not recognized, due to lack of evidence, by standard science. In essence, a zoological study of the strange and unimaginable, so it’s no surprise then that it has our full attention. While some cryptid may be harmless, there are those you’ll want to remain figments of your overactive imagination. In this installment, we’ve categorized the ten scariest cryptids that, by the time we’re done, will be stalking your dreams.

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10. Flatwoods Monster
9. Megalodon
8. Dover Demon
7. Mahaha
6. Popobawa
5. Snallygaster
4. Jersey Devil
3. J’ba Fofi
2. Ya-Te-Veo
1. Manananggal

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  1. When your name is Maha And at 3:45 you find out your a fucking tickling demon Mahaha…. Well this explains why I look creepy ?

  2. Am living in Tanzania and that period of popobawa was really horrible people were staying awake at night and sleeping outside their house

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