Top 10 Scary Clown Urban Legends
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A lot of people are absolutely terrified of clowns. I don’t blame them. There is just something about a clown’s face that gives me the creeps. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of horror movies that have killer clowns in them. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 scary clown urban legends.


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    • MostAmazingTop10 a group of people and I were in a large dark house and a large spirit in the form of Ronald McDonald with red eyes and large sharp teeth was chasing us and was trying to eat everyone we started with 7 people and got out with only 5 because Ronald had at one of them and ripped open the other when we got outside the large abandoned building faded away and I woke up

    • MostAmazingTop10 Being chased by my best friend who was going to kill me but I woke up before She got to me

    • I was scared of Chucky and it was worse when my uncles bought a Chucky mask I was about 6 and they woke me up when I was asleep with the mask on 👀😤

  1. Scariest nightmare okay I was in this like whole entire grassy plain and then I see these like clown people in clown makeup I asked them where is my family because I was like 5 or 4 and then this like Pennywise mix with the newer Pennywise just came up and pointed down at this little hole I scratched it open with my hand and then I jumped through and then I woke up I was terrified…. ;-;

  2. My worst nightmare? It involves a clown. He was chasing me with a large carving knife, yelling what he would do to me, from A to Z, when he caught me. I refused to sleep for the next two evenings.

  3. I’d turn pogo into a pogostick with his bones if I had the right tools that I would buy from the van

  4. My worst nightmare was kind of weird

    I was in a red tube crawling though and then the tube split to two rooms one had a light the other had a girl my age crying I went to the one with the girl and the I said “let’s go” then she pointed at me and said “they are here” I turned and around confused then their were to dogs one big black one with red eyes it wasn’t the scariest of the two though because the second was small and brown with no eye just hole where blood was flowing out and a back that was ripped open showing part of its spine they both looked at me then charged

    Next thing I knew I was awake but I still remember it vividly

  5. My scariest nightmare is a recurring nightmare since I was 5. The sky is a sickly orange/red and all solid matter is pitch black. In the distance there is blood curdling screaming. Then it shifts to a huge mansion and the screaming is coming from inside. I go inside and go the basement. Inside the basement the screaming is almost right in my ear. A dark red liquid is dripping to the floor and I look up. Bloody body parts are hanging from clear plastic bags from the ceiling. Then…a chainsaw. A type of warp thing goes on and suddenly I’m on a metal slab. A dark figure is above me and then a creepy laugh and he brings a chainsaw down on my shoulder. I never finish the dream but there have been some nights when I have the dream when I wake up and my entire body aches at every joint.

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