Top 10 Scary Cave Paintings That Shocked The World
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History was one of my favourite subjects at school, i think its so interesting to learn about the past and how they thought and how they lived through everyday life. Its literally like they came and lived in another world. I mean at the time i guess it was a different world. But what really blows my mind are cave paintings. The fact that people from thousands and thousands of years ago thought to create things that would help us know about their existence. I’m sure that’s not why they did the paintings and it was more just for them if anything but still. Its pretty cool what some of these are like.

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  1. No one wants to talk about it but the only paintings I know of that might be 4D being are Egyptian dieties. They were drawn inside giant pyramids cause they are like stars… they actually act like stars channeling through energy too.

    There is such thing as curses and bounding so convincing me there magic won’t work. Its like maths.

    Its creepy to note you can actually do this with cartoons and I’ve seen things done by cultists using cartoon characters against good.

  2. Those white aliens were actually eyeless spirits. I’ve seen one at a young age actually. No attention seeking to this, they look jumpscary but they bring a sensual comfort when they are around.

    They may not have come from earth if they did somehow create land.

    Well then aliens worked together to build this earth. I don’t think they were called aliens.

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