Top 10 Scary Cases Investigated By Ed And Loraine Warren
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I’m sure many of you have seen shows where they’re trying to detect ghosts or any sort of paranormal activity, but for these 2 people it was their actual lives and professions. Ed and Lorraine Warren were big paranormal investigators and authors who are linked to quite big cases of haunting. Edward was a world war 2 navy veteran who then taught himself how to be a demonologist and Lorraine claims to be clairvoyant which means she can gain information about a place or person or thing using extrasensory perception and shes also a light trance medium.

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  1. I’ve seen all the movies, they are awesome. I love scary movies and I don’t fear anything coming through my TV or anything to haunt me or my place.

  2. “I called that” they are both portrayed in the films, Lorraine has been in the films herself, and it’s been stated the Conjuring universe IS based solely upon Ed and Lorraine’s cases. Love this channel but do your homework before uploading.

  3. “They say that everything about The Amityville Horror is true. When the murders happened not one of the neighbors and not a shot was heard.
    And when the bodies were found, they were all found in the same position. And as for the movie, some of the seans were put in to make the movie scarier. The book still had all the facts but altered as not to be boring like a lot of #1 Best Sellers1”

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