Top 10 Scary Boston Urban Legends
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  1. You forgot about the area of the Great Molasses Flood(January 15, 1919). There’s a plaque on a stone wall in Puopolo Park commemorating the tragedy. It’s locate behind behind Copp’s Hill Burying Ground. They say there a ominous feel to the area and on hot days you can still smell the molasses.

  2. You should do something with Rhode Island. I’m from Newport, Rhode Island and there’s a lot of ghost and hauntings. There’s even a book they made based on Newport called Ghosts of Newport.

  3. Can you guys do Utah urban legends? I grew up and have lived in Utah my whole life and have heard some pretty creepy stuff

  4. I made up a game for the end of the video. It’s guessing if the music will be spooky outro or happy outro. If it’s the happy outro for a spooky video then I laugh. If it’s the spooky one I go “yeah!” Because I usually think it’s the spooky one.

  5. Boston in Lincolnshire , England gives its name to many towns in the US including the most famous in Massachusetts .

  6. Do a video on Woonsocket Rhode island urban legends, I’m sure you can find some this place is historic just like Providence

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