Top 10 Scary Black Holes Facts
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I never knew that it was possible but the first ever picture of a black hole has just been taken by scientists who used a global network of telescope to see and actually capture this stunning picture. This is an image of a super massive black hole and its shadow at the center of a galaxy known as M87. More than 200 researches were involved with this ground breaking project. It’s just so captivating and kinda unreal that in our lifetime we are able to be apart of this moment. Well as stunning as this is Black Holes are actually a very terrifying thing. Black Holes could cause night mares but they are one of the most fascinating things of our universe.

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  1. Correction actually the worm hole took them to a new solar system ( new to them ) the black hole in the movie is what took him there and it sent him back through the worm hole and shot back in his solar system

  2. So…there’s no galixies without a super massive black hole in the center of it…right or am i wrong?

  3. Number 9: “There is nothing stopping Black Holes from becoming bigger and bigger…”

    Hawking Radiation: Am I a joke to you!?

  4. When I was younger I always thought that a black hole will come to earth I was terrified of them. And ounce I saw the picture I got super creeped out I can picture so clearly what will happen if one come to earth. I hope one will never come but it will always give me the creeps. I think sometime one will come. Please don’t come

  5. Have u ever thought a black hole can’t kill us they are actually just when moon moves to far from the eaeth

  6. I told my teacher we could be in a black hole and he said no your so stupid 😂😂😂😂

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