Top 10 Scary Animals We Are Glad Went Extinct
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We have a pretty sweet spot on the food chain dude, we don’t have to worry about anything eating us and we can literally eat whatever we want. You wanna try giraffe testicles, Im sure its on the menu somewhere, you wanna eat some fish that only lives at insane depths that someone would have to risk their life to catch. Well if you got enough money the doors open baby. But it didn’t always used to be like this, before we had lazy boys we were running for our lives trying to not get our throats ripped open by some 400 pound cat that can crush mans skull with a kiss. And because we’ve been so luck for so long and we now have the internet, Im going to share with you todays list of top 10 scary animals we are glad went extinct.

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  1. Hey Che, I think (therefore I might be), the difference between a mammal and a reptile is; (most) mammals have live births, and reptiles lay eggs. And if those things were alive today, I wouldn’t walk outside without my 12 gauge (or my 50 caliber pistol, maybe my 454 conversion). Better yet, ya know where I can pick up a bazooka and shells on the cheap???

  2. Which ones would I put to the list: Dunkleosteus, Cameroceras, Sarcosuchus, dire wolf, giant short-faced bear, Quetzalcoatlus

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