Top 10 Scary Animals That Look Innocent – Part 2
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Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena. A few weeks ago we put out a list of scary animals that look innocent to let you guys know some of the hidden dangers lurking around the animal kingdom. You’d be surprised what kind of animals are secretly waiting to attack you and you should probably go check out the part one video if you havent seen it yet. It will definitely make you second guess buying some exotic pet, Im not even sure how you get in contact with the extoic pet guy but if you have a link make sure you leave all their contact information in the comments. But our first list was such a big hit that we bring you todays list of top 10 scary animals that look innocent part 2.

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  1. Go search for video of dolphins getting high by playing with puffer fish. LOL The dolphins that have exhibited this behavior are gangs of adolescent males. Just like in highschool. 🐬

  2. My dog had something wrong with her brain and she got more aggressive as she got older and we had to put her down for our safety

  3. I was about to like you til your #2 choice! Im a colony manager for community cats in my neighborhood and part of the TNR program here in my county (trap,neuter,release). Im sad now!! Tampons are known to cause toxic shocm syndrome which is the same thing in cat poop

  4. This is Mrs Poopington 💩
    She used to be a juicy poop, which made her feel bold and beautiful ….but she has a problem now….her world turned upside down because she has dried up and lost her juiciness, since her creator abandoned her outside in the hot sun….can you guess how many days has she been outside?
    HINT: 1 like = 1day outside

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