Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 3
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What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, I’m your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Guys we seem to really love abandoned cabins and their messed up backstories and this is very quickly becoming one of my favourite series’ that I’ve hosted on the channel thus far. So i wont leave you guys waiting any longer, these are the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 3.

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  1. It never says what happened to the father and newborn…..
    And next one I think she was supposed to use the Somerset saying “Get off my laaaaand” (say it with a pirate voice(Somerset))😁

  2. My brothers and I used to explore abandoned and derelict houses in the woods or rural Ohio. Pretty stupid of us in hindsight.

  3. About Dian Fossey’s murder on #1. It was most likely a logging company that paid poachers (or they could have been acting alone in some versions of the best theory). A few weeks before she was killed her favorite gorilla (a male named Digit) was shoot and killed and she went ballistic and went on a full scale vendetta against a poachers camp near by (these poachers where in the hire of a logging company supposedly though never proven). The killing is thought to be a revenge move by these poachers though there are suggestions the poachers where paid to do this as well.

  4. To answer your question about how fast bears are from #7. They are pretty fast, usually if they are with in about 20 meters and charging on open ground, and you have no close or easy to access shelter; you are getting mauled unless the bear loses it’s nerve which can happen.

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