Who said you need crazy special effects to make something scary? These are the scariest practical effects ever put to film! From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Alien, Pan’s Labyrinth to The Exorcist, try getting through this countdown without hiding your eyes! What’s your favourite scary movie?

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  1. Personally, I think the blood test effect was more effective in The Thing, but all the effects are fantastic.

  2. Doug Jones is vastly under appreciated by audiences. He should be as we’d known, if not moreso, than Andy Serkis!

  3. Even though it ain’t a horror movie, Doc Ock’s arms in Spider-Man 2 were also mildly disturbing, especially that hospital scene.

  4. really? not even an honorable mention for Jacob’s Ladder? it pretty much made the demonic head shake trope, and the other effects were pretty disturbing too. I mean, the film did inspire Silent Hill after all…

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