Top 10 Scariest McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys
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Hey everyone! Welcome back to most amazing top 10. What was one of the best parts of going to McDonald’s as a kid? You got to get a toy with your food, that’s like getting an iPhone 10 with a headphone jack, your dreaming. But there have been some disturbing happy meal toys throughout the years. So I’m counting down the Top 10 scariest McDonald’s happy meal toys.

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    • Apparently YOU have never read a history book. The swastika was a symbol used by the Chinese for hundreds of years before the Nazi party decided to.

    • Idk why I guess it’s from the way he says it, but at 2:30 I sit out my juice from laughing when he said “be my friend”

  1. The Minion toys (well the caveman one which is reported to say “what the f*ck”) don’t actually swear. It turns out that when the mind hears something like gibberish, it’ll try to make words out of it. So people who heard the Minion toys swearing were actually mishearing the toy. 😃

  2. I have Madame Alexander dolls I think one of them or two from the Wizard of Oz. I have Dorothy I know that they aren’t scary for me none of these are scary.

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