Top 10 Scariest Lovecraftian Monsters
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet . I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scariest Lovecraftian Monsters…and boy are you in for what I would probably describe as a tentacley treat! For those of you who don’t know who HP Lovecraft is, he was an author who wrote some pretty terrifying cosmic horror fiction. Good old HP was obviously deeply inspired by deep sea creatures, which are basically one of my biggest fears so this list should be fun! Before we get into it though, I wan to ask you to describe the scariest monster you can think of and give it a name…for me it would be like a giant Blob Fish but with tropophobia style holey eyes and a foul stench of rotten meat… it would appear in bodies of water you were swimming in and drag you to the murky depths… I would call it EL BLOBLIO THE DOOM BRINGER. Good. Let me know yours in the comments section down below! Also please do like, share, comment…insta..

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    • I would make one that gets you and doesn’t let you escape and make you feel like you can’t breath and choke you but then you feel like you wake up and it were a dream but it wasn’t and it would be called the dungeon killer

  1. trump with somehow being able to go on as ‘prez’ like a monarchy and none to stop him creating a hatred, and phobia filled land where he leaves Hitler in the dust with horrors, spurring people to think like him and be all murder-y like hunger games purge coming true.

  2. A shapeshifting entity that can become the embodiment of its victims phobias. It can even affect several people at once, even if each has a different fear. Its name would be phobelam (pronounced Fo-bell-um)

  3. A being that is whiter than the darkest edges of the universe. These “bones” being made of pure souls of children. With wings of a blackish purple of its hatred. A featureless face covered in nothing but blood. 3inch teeth. And make a scream when they swoop down kill the human prey, that makes any that hear it freeze with the terror of the future. I call them the insane angels.

  4. My scary monster is mascot named Howard the Husky, and he was my basketball team’s mascot we all loved him. But one day, one my way to practice, I hear someone screaming “NO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS” and then I hear silence. And I decide to take a closer look and I see Howard the husky stabbing my coach over and over again. He wasn’t the husky I knew. He had black eyes, sharp teeth covered with blood, and a knife filled with blood. He looked at me and started to run after me. I ran as fast as possible out of the stadium. And I managed to so. Later that day I decide to make some coffee too keep me awake because I couldn’t sleep after what I saw……..

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