Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Some of our happiest, saddest, and scariest moments occur in hospitals. What’s worse is that they’re not even that inviting. I mean, white walls, fluorescent lighting, no comfortable seating to be found, you’d think the place where we welcome good and exceptionally bad news would be more photogenic… Regardless, the fact that they originate so many stories of all kinds could be the reason why many are believed to be haunted!

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  1. I died and had to be brought back tss. I awoke in hospital now that’s frightening, so no I don’t like hospitals, but sort of hypocritically, if there were no hospitals, I would not be here writing this. Still I find them very creepy though.

  2. Cool vid Jim I won’t be sleeping tonight nor will I ever want to stay in a hospital but still cool vid

  3. I work in a nursing home. I can’t tell you how many times residents complained about “the kid’s running around”, and then passing away shortly after.

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