Top 10 Scariest Family Secrets
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Top 10 Scary Kids Raised By Animals

They say every family has a skeleton in the closet – a secret that’s tightly held and almost never revealed. Maybe just one person knows the secret, maybe a few, or maybe the whole family has sworn to keep their silence so that the outside world will never know. Maybe your family has secrets just like this. I went to Reddit and found people telling their stories, some of them are truly shocking but strangely fascinating at the same time. You’ll see what I mean. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scariest Family Secrets.

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  1. Ok wtf….holy it’s quite a video. I mean I was thinking that worst case was a death but dude this list is so disturbing. Here I was worried my family is not accepting me and the fact that im super sick. Wow….and number 1 no way no way come on…then holy crap. No part 2 tmi really wow. Danny even watching you host this was difficult but you were amazing. Props to you for this one…this is scariest video I’ve watched in a very long time.

  2. I got a coin from my father, he was in masonic lodge. On the coin is a wasp with the masonic symbol with the words on top illuminati.

  3. My uncle was charged & sentanced 4 murder, then after serving a few years inside the charges were downgraded to something else. I’m dead certain he killed the guy & that my farther helped him bury the body, he was never charged with anything,

  4. For a possible part two would you like the one about how my godfather was a drug dealer and that’s why my parents took me to visit him in jail when I was 8 or the one about how my grandfather was a rapist and I have a half uncle who is 11 years younger than me and we only found out after he died?

  5. My mom grew up thinking she was the oldest in her family until Uncle Jeff showed up. My grandparents had a baby before they were married, when my grandma was still in high school. They gave him up for adoption and when he was in his 30s he went looking for his birth mom and found his mom, dad, and 5 brothers and sisters. It was a huge scandal in the family because they were strict Baptists who were supposedly against pre-marital sex.

  6. Well, I have a story, but it’s not exactly a secret. At least, it isn’t for me. Personally, I’d like to know how I can get some help with this. You see, back in WWII, my grandmother was married to another man before my grandfather, and she had a daughter with him. The war started up, and he left to fight, but was killed in action, leaving her alone with the baby girl. My grandmother was an orphan whose parents died young. She and her siblings were separated, and she was raised by some rather questionable people who refused to help her after she was old enough to leave the house and work for herself, meaning that she didn’t have the funds necessary to raise the baby, and she was forced to give her up for adoption.

    On her deathbed, she told my father the story about her first daughter. She was riddled with cancer, and she actually ended up falling into a coma before she could reveal any more information, dying only a short time later. We don’t know my grandmother’s married name at the time of the war, and we don’t know the name of her daughter, nor do we know when she was born, or even roughly how old she is. We’ve never found a birth certificate, either. We’d like to find my half-aunt and/or her family, provided she has/had any. Does anybody know how to find this information in the UK (or, more specifically, Northern Ireland)?

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