Top 10 Scariest Emergency Broadcasts
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What’s more scarier then hearing an emergency broadcast on your tv or radio? The fact that something terrible is happening in the world and it was captured by cameras, its hard to believe that these broadcasts exist. Here is the Top 10 Scariest Emergency Broadcast.
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  1. Just can’t believe in zombies unless it shows as some sort of virus that turns a person into one. Dead bodies are a little too decomposed, mostly, to be any kind of threat. 9/11 was horrible, watched many hours of it on TV but it seems less real when you aren’t there. I was in Oklahoma City at the time of the bombing there and it was worse in some ways because of being there. All I could think on 9/11 was all the poor people affected by it.

  2. My ketchup is red
    My sweat is blue
    How many invisible zombies
    Keep wanted to give nightmares to my brain

  3. If you see different emoji then like👍🏻

  4. We aren’t prepared for a zombie apocalypse

    If a soldier with a m249 can’t take out 5 zombies

    We ain’t prepared

    Let’s be real now

    We ain’t prepared still we don’t know what type of zombies they are

  5. Wasn’t that “End of the World” audio from a radio call-in of a former Area 51 personnel that caused that radio station to blackout briefly?

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