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Is there really anything scarier than a brutal natural disaster? Horror movies come in many different varieties, but we’re counting down some of the most realistic as we look at some of the scariest disaster movies of all time! From 2012 to San Andreas, Twister to The Day After Tomorrow, these movies will have you creating your own storm shelter! What’s your favorite disaster movie?

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  1. Deep Impact was the scariest along with a Twister as kid. I saw the former in the theater and it made me not want to be a Astronaut lol. I think Volcano was scarier then Dante Peak. The train tunnel scene when the man jumped into the lava has never erased my mind after 20 plus years

  2. Deep Impact nr.1 !.Thank you and have a nice day.
    2012 is not a disaster movie,but a joke and comedy for teenagers !

  3. This is the most lackluster, bullshit, list I have seen in awhile. None of these movies or scenes are scary, except The Poseidon adventure. The two scariest disaster movies are “When time ran out” and “The Towering Inferno”. BTW, The Birds is a horror movie, not a disaster movie.

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