Top 10 Scariest Clown Sightings
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They might be a welcome sight at a circus, but out of context… these clown sightings are downright terrifying. From the Machete Clown, to a teenage mob of clowns, to the infamous Wasco clown, these creepy clown pranks gone wrong are simply horrifying. WatchMojo counts down ten scariest clown sightings.

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#10: A Chainsaw on a Dark Road
#9: The Machete Clown
#8: A Viral Experiment
#7: A Teenage Mob
#6: One Armed Machete Clown
#5: The Wasco Clown
#4: The Phantom Clown Theory
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. NOW they do this? Whoever suggested this topic is just as bad as the TV producer who takes 5 years to release a topical sit-com with dated references!

  2. Well it’s things like this that make me leave the house with either a thick coat or a strong sword like stick

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